Custom Brand + Showit Website Launch | Michela Watson | With Grace and Gold

Custom Brand + Showit Website Launch | Michela Watson

We are so excited and honored to celebrate the launch of an all-new custom brand and Showit website design for Michela Watson, formerly Michela Brooke Photography!

When Michela asked us to create a custom brand and web design for her business, we were so excited to create a one-of-a-kind design, aligned with her style, goals, and vision.

Michela’s design is detailed, textured, and engaging — purposefully designed to help her showcase her expertise, set her business apart, and connect with prospective clients more seamlessly than ever before.

Here is a peek at Michela’s design within our Portfolio, and of course, please visit Michela Watson to see Michela’s design live!

Custom Brand and Showit Website Design for Michela Watson

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