Custom Brand and Showit Website Launch | Kalahan and Sean | With Grace and Gold

Custom Brand and Showit Website Launch | Kalahan and Sean

Kalahan and Sean is a Portland, Oregon-based husband and wife photography duo. When Kalahan and Sean asked us to create a brand and web design to capture their one-of-a-kind approach to photography, we were so excited to create a detailed, engaging, personal brand and web design to help them connect with their Ideal Client in an authentic way.

Custom Brand and Showit Website Design for Kalahan and Sean

Kalahan and Sean’s brand is both classic and personal. With clean, classic typography, each detail of their design helps to tell a story of the personal and elevated experience they provide to each client they serve.

As we journeyed through the web design portion of Kalahan and Sean’s Custom Design Experience, we were excited to create a purposeful, engaging, and detailed design to tell a story to each visitor. Through every detail, visitors of Kalahan and Sean’s website can get to know Kalahan and Sean and form a meaningful connection; they can emotionally connect with Kalahan and Sean even before reaching out to them.

Kalahan and Sean Said…

“After DIY-ing our fifth website, and STILL not feeling confident in what we were portraying as our brand, we knew it was time to make an investment. We knew it would help. but we didn’t realize at the time that that investment would be the best money we have ever spent on our business!

Our experience with Andra and Kelly has been incredible from start to finish! Their professionalism, artistic creativity, excellent customer service, and most importantly, their hearts behind what they do… has blessed us abundantly! With Grace and Gold has taken our business to a whole new level. They took our business and completely fine tuned it into exactly what we wanted to display in our brand. We are 100% blown away, and are so confident moving forward with such a gorgeous, high end website & brand!

If you are thinking about hiring With Grace and Gold, just do it! Don’t think about it for one more second! They will serve you so well, and create a masterpiece that reflects your brand perfectly!”

Take a peek at Kalahan and Sean’s custom brand and Showit website design, and of course, know we would be excited and honored to serve you and your business through custom brand and web design, too!

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