Our #1 Tip for Purposeful Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be challenging. There are so many platforms. There are so many choices. There are so many decisions. In the end, we believe social media marketing should be done with purpose — to serve your Ideal Client wholeheartedly.

Today, we’re sharing our #1 tip for purposeful social media marketing!

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Our #1 Tip for Purposeful Social Media Marketing

Our #1 tip for purposeful social media marketing is to speak about your Ideal Client rather than about yourself. At With Grace and Gold, we challenge ourselves to share about our work and our process by first sharing why our work and our process should matter to our Ideal Client.

We challenge ourselves to begin captions with “You” rather than “We.” We put ourselves in our Ideal Client’s shoes and understand the season they are in as they pursue brand and web design for their business.

What season is your Ideal Client in? What are her current challenges? Speak directly to her, let her know you see her, and let her know how your products or services can bring her from where she is today to where she could be.

When we focus less on ourselves, and more on our Ideal Client, we can better serve our Ideal Client. We can market our business with purpose and share why our business should matter to our Ideal Client.

Will you give this tip a try? Let us know in the comments below!

With a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving and encouraging diverse women in business. Today, she serves as a college-level Instructor of Entrepreneurship and is honored to serve creative women in business wholeheartedly as co-founder of With Grace and Gold®. 

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