Why We Don’t Offer Brand or Website “Refreshes”

Since 2014, we have been so honored to serve more than 300 creative women in business through brand and web design at With Grace and Gold®.

Over the years, we’ve learned so, so much:

Through all of those lessons, we discovered something valuable about ourselves and our business: We can’t offer brand or website “refreshes” at With Grace and Gold®. (A brand or website “refresh” is when a designer completes purposeful adjustments to an existing brand or website to help meet a client’s need.) We know every design business is unique — so today, we wanted to share our philosophy on brand and website “refreshes” to perhaps provide a new perspective! 

Why We Don't Offer Brand or Website Refreshes by With Grace and Gold

Why We Don’t Offer Brand or Website “Refreshes”

  • We begin our design process by asking our clients to complete meaningful reflections. We ask our clients to share their visions, goals, and needs — both in the short-term and long-term. Their responses allow us to create a solid foundation for our upcoming design process, with a shared understanding of how our design work can help our clients to succeed. In fact, our design work doesn’t truly begin until we’ve established a solid foundation and purposeful direction. This “non-design work” allows us to ensure every soon-to-be-designed detail is purposeful and curated for our clients’ success.
    • If we were to offer a brand or website refresh, we may overlook certain details explored within our clients’ reflections — because we aren’t able to apply all we learn about our clients to their design. (More on this below!)
  • We want to ensure each and every detail has been created to meet our clients’ visions, goals, and needs. Once we have established our clients’ foundation through a Brand Proposal, we begin our design process with Logo Design, then Web Design. By starting our design process from a completely blank slate, we are able to ensure each and every detail has been uniquely and purposefully created to meet our clients’ vision, goals, and needs.
    • If we were to offer a brand or website refresh, we may instead move certain details around or piece details together from one design to another. In this way, our clients’ brand and web design could be a blend of their “old business” and their “new business.” Because we want our clients to begin a fresh, new, purposeful season in their business, we find, starting from a blank slate always serves our clients best. 
  • We want our clients to be successful in the seasons and years to come. When serving our clients, we sincerely hope each and every client will be successful not only in the seasons ahead, but also in the years ahead. We wholeheartedly believe starting from a blank slate and coming away with a purposeful, professional, one-of-a-kind design will help our clients to be successful.
    • If we were to offer a brand or website refresh, our clients may find themselves in need of a new or updated brand or website every 6 months or every year. As their business grows and changes, our clients would have wanted a brand and website created to grow with them. This could save our clients both time and money — not to mention the Ideal Clients they could be booking with a brand and web design created purposefully and carefully for them!

In the end, we’ve found starting from a blank slate is a meaningful way for us to serve our clients at With Grace and Gold®. Of course, we know every design business works differently and serves clients in a one-of-a-kind way. (We believe this is what makes creative business ownership so wonderful!) 

Here, we simply wanted to share our approach to brand or website refreshes, in hopes it provides a fresh, new perspective on brand and web design!

With a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving and encouraging diverse women in business. Today, she serves as a college-level Instructor of Entrepreneurship and is honored to serve creative women in business wholeheartedly as co-founder of With Grace and Gold®. 

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