Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has provided award-winning brand and web design for more than 300 creative women in business.

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Through purposeful brand and web design, our mission is to help creative women in business to consistently book their Ideal Client, grow their business, and experience successful small business ownership.


We're award-winning designers, educators, and encouragers. Since 2014, we have provided purposeful branding, web design, and education for more than 300 creative in women in business — just like you!

Here, you'll find an expertly-curated collection of resources and education for small business success!


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The Designer Education Shop Has Arrived

December 17, 2018

Today, we are so excited to celebrate the arrival of our Designer Education Shop — a shop filled with resources, templates, and checklists created exclusively for brand and web designers. Over the past 5 years, we’ve been so honored and humbled to run With Grace and Gold. Over the years, though, we’ve experienced our fair share of highs and lows, successes and learning experiences. For these reasons, we wanted to create the Designer Education Shop — a one-stop-shop for designers who are eager to have all of the resources they need to succeed.

With Grace and Gold - Education for Designers, Designer Education Shop, Resources, Templates, Checklists for Designers - Photo - 20
Pictured above is Emailing with Purpose and Poise, a 10-page guide to creating professional, client-connecting emails. 

The Designer Education Shop

The Designer Education Shop is divided into 3 categories: Educational Resources, Customizable Templates, and Printable Checklists. 

  • Educational Resources: These are resources for you to download and read or download and print. From emailing in a purposeful, professional way to marketing your design business seamlessly, we are so hopeful these resources guide you in your design business.
  • Customizable Templates: These are customizable templates for you to make your own and use within your business. From our Brand Proposal and Logo Proposal to a Brand Style Guide, you can present your work to your clients in a polished, strategic way.
  • Printable Checklists: Finally, these are printable checklists to guide you through everyday business housekeeping and launching new brands and websites. We pride ourselves on creating super seamless processes, and now we’re passing those along to you!

With Grace and Gold - Education for Designers, Designer Education Shop, Resources, Templates, Checklists for Designers - Photo - 23
Pictured above is our Customizable Logo Proposal – a customizable template for you to strategically present a logo concept to your client.

One new resource will be added to the Designer Education Shop each month, and we’re so hopeful you’ll find a resource or two you love!

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