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Lark: A Showit Template

Lark is a polished, feminine Showit website template for creative business owners. Showcase your business in a beautiful, professional way!

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Website Launch Checklist

Whether you're launching a new website for yourself or for a client of yours, use our Website Launch Checklist to ensure every detail is covered!

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For many creative small business owners, winter is ‘off season.’ For some business owners, off season can mean a season of relaxation, and for others, it’s finally a season to sit down and work on business. No matter how you’d love to use your off season, our prayer is for you to feel encouraged to take a real break, especially if a real break is needed. The holiday season only comes once per year, and you’ll never look back and say “I wish I would have worked more.” (We know this from experience!) Today, we’re excited to share 5 ingredients for a successful winter break from your business.

5 Ingredients for a Successful Winter Break from Your Business

5 Ingredients for a Successful Winter Break from Your Business

  1. Permission to use your winter break. First and foremost, in order to have a peaceful winter break, we need to give ourselves permission to use our winter break for  relaxation. As small business owners, it’s not always easy to step away from your business — even when the rest of the world is stepping away from their work. (Trust us; we worked during the first 2 holiday seasons of our 5 years in business.) In the end, we need to confidently believe our businesses will continue moving forward even when our winter break is used for relaxation.
  2. Transparent communication with current clients. Next, we need to communicate with our current clients about our upcoming break. Often times, we’re scared to use vacations, because we’re scared our clients will need us. When we communicate transparently about our upcoming break, we will have set an expectation. At With Grace and Gold, we communicate with each of our clients and let them know (1) where we are in their process, and (2) where we’re going in their process. (We also remember to reassure our clients that our winter break will not delay their process in any way.) Transparency is valuable — so we encourage you to communicate transparently, too!
  3. A well-written away message to serve past, current, and prospective clients. Next, we recommend creating a well-written away message which will communicate to past, current, and prospective clients. With personalized messages within your away message, you can ensure any type of client who communicates with you — past, present, or future — will be informed of your break.
  4. Scheduled social media content and blog content. To keep your business moving forward while you’re away, we recommend scheduling social media content and blog content. That way, your online presence will continue moving even while you’re away. (Here are the resources we recommend!)
  5. Excitement for the season and year ahead. Finally, and most importantly, we are so hopeful that as you prepare for your break — and as you’re experiencing your break — you have excitement for the season and the year ahead. You are so deserving of a break from your small business, and we hope you’ll return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


We are so hopeful these tips encourage you to experience a relaxing break from your small business. Happy holidays!

Our most recently celebrated Custom Design Experience is for Melanie Ruth Photography! We were honored to create a custom brand and Showit web design for Melanie's east coast photography business.

Her design features natural textures and details to create a warm, welcoming aesthetic. Learn More About Melanie's Design


Melanie Ruth Photography

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Lark is a polished, feminine, detailed Showit website and blog for creative business owners. Lark  contains engaging features and heartfelt details and is sure to "wow" your Ideal Client! Learn More



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