3 Valuable Benefits of Business Hours How setting boundaries and business hours can be valuable to your business

When we began our journey as small business owners nearly 5 years ago, we lived by the philosophy, “The more we work, the more ‘successful’ our business will become.” Let me begin today’s post by saying: This philosophy simply isn’t true. This approach can quickly lead to overwhelm and stress.

Since then, we’ve learned to approach our business with more balance and more purpose. One simple step we took was to set business hours. Today, we’re excited to share 3 valuable benefits of setting business hours for your business!

3 Valuable Benefits of Business Hours by With Grace and Gold

3 Valuable Benefits of Business Hours

  1. Clarity for yourself as a business owner. When you set business hours for your business, you can begin and end each day with a purpose. With a set amount of hours ahead each day or each week, you can better prioritize your to-dos and pursue your work in a focused way. Without business hours, your to-do list can feel never-ending, but with business hours, you can batch your work and work to accomplish all you can in the hours you’ve allotted.
  2. Clarity for your clients or customers. Having business hours provides clarity for your clients and customers. Not only do clients and customers know when they can connect with you or receive a response from you, but your clients and customers also feel as though they can depend upon you and your business. (Pro Tip: Make sure you’re responding to e-mails within the business hours you’ve set, so you can show how strictly you adhere to your business hours. Responding to e-mails outside of business hours could send the wrong message!)
  3. New possibilities for you and for your small business. With business hours, you may discover how batching your to-dos helps you to work more efficiently. You may discover you are able to run your business more seamlessly than ever before. You may even discover you feel ready to add more to your business — a shop, passive income, a new package or service, and more. Having business hours creates a solid foundation for running your business in a streamlined way.


What do you think? Will you consider setting business hours for your business? Comment below and let us know!

With a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving and encouraging diverse women in business. Today, she serves as a college-level Instructor of Entrepreneurship and is honored to serve creative women in business wholeheartedly as co-founder of With Grace and Gold®. 

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