The Most Meaningful Way to Grow Your Newsletter Audience How to grow your newsletter audience in an authentic way

When we first began With Grace and Gold, we had heard newsletters would be an essential part of our small business journey… but we weren’t exactly sure why or how. As new business owners, we weren’t quite sure how to grow our newsletter audience without sounding “salesy.” We knew we had expertise to share, but we weren’t quite sure how to share it in an open, authentic, helpful way. Today, we’re excited to share what we believe is the most meaningful way to grow your newsletter audience, in an authentic way!

The Most Meaningful Way to Grow Your Newsletter Audience - With Grace and Gold - Photo

The Most Meaningful Way to Grow Your Newsletter Audience

  1. Remember numbers are only numbers. In small business, it’s easy to become distracted by numbers. There will always be someone who has fewer audience members than you do, and there will always be someone who has more audience members. Rather than quantity, it’s important to focus on the quality of your audience members. You have something special and unique to offer through your business, and you want an audience made up of people who want those special and unique offerings.
  2. Attract new audience members in an authentic way. Over the years, we’ve seen many newsletter opt-ins. Some seem to promise big promises, some seem off-brand, and some seem on-trend. When creating your newsletter opt-in or call-to-action, do so in an authentic, honest way. What do you truly have to offer through your business? Moreover, what do you want to offer through your business? When your newsletter opt-in or call-to-action is authentic, everything – from your copywriting to your newsletter content – will flow more naturally. (Best of all, you’ll feel proud of and confident in what you’re offering!)
  3. Consider using a quiz to grow your newsletter audience. Interact is our go-to system for adding quizzes to our website. Quizzes offer your audience a helpful way to discover something new about themselves. Quizzes lend your expertise to your audience, educate your audience, and help your audience even before they opt-in. To us, this is a win-win; your audience can be served in a meaningful way, and you can ensure their decision to opt-in is rooted in a genuine desire to learn more from you.


What strategies have you used to grow your newsletter audience? Which do you believe are most meaningful? Share in the comments below!


With a Bachelor of Science in Business and a Master of Arts in Teaching, Kelly has long had a passion for serving and encouraging diverse women in business. Today, she serves as a college-level Instructor of Entrepreneurship and is honored to serve creative women in business wholeheartedly as co-founder of With Grace and Gold®. 

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