Free Online Workshop: 6 Systems to 6 Figures Free Online Productivity Workshop for Creative Business Owners

You’re a small business owner who feels as though there aren’t enough hours in the work week.

You see other business owners being so present on their blog, on social media – and you’re wondering – how do they find the time to do everything and be everywhere?

You already feel like you’re doing everything – so adding one more tip or one more tool to your business seems overwhelming.


We have been there. In fact, just 3 years ago, our idea of “project management” was a messy, hand-written to-do list. We worked 60-80 hour work weeks, trying and trying to “get ahead.”

Then, we applied systems to our business: step-by-step processes and carefully-chosen software systems to help us work more productively. Soon, we were able to be present in our work, to think more creatively, to serve our Clients more wholeheartedly.

A happy result? We were able to create meaningful and lasting growth and meet our financial goals as a hardworking team of two.


At With Grace and Gold, we don’t believe in quick fixes. We believe in meaningful and lasting business growth.

We don’t believe all solutions are perfect for all businesses. We believe in honest business education, smart decision-making, and strategic positioning for your business.

Finally, we don’t believe business success is rooted in revenue. We believe it’s rooted in our ability to serve others and serve others wholeheartedly.


We are so excited to formally invite you to our Free Online Workshop: 6 Systems to 6 Figures

With Grace and Gold - Branding, Web Design, and Education for Creative Women in Business - Kelly Zugay and Andra Barkey

In 6 Systems to 6 Figures, we’re exploring 6 systems we applied to our business, With Grace and Gold, and sharing how adding purposeful systems to your business can allow you to:

  • Be present in your business and produce your most creative work,
  • Be more productive and ensure your hours and days are used wisely,
  • Move your business forward in a meaningful way.


Find all of the details for 6 Systems to 6 Figures here, and be sure to save your seat! We’ll see you there on September 13, 2017!

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