Doing Better ≠ Doing More How Developing Systems Can Help Your Business to Flourish

A few years ago, we found ourselves believing “The more we work, the more likely our business is to succeed.” As small business owners, we are nearly wired to believe the more we do, the more productive we are within our businesses.

In 2015, after experiencing a season of burnout, we realized doing better in business does not equal doing more. We realized having streamlined processes and an organized business would allow us to experience greater joy, balance, and success in our business journey.

Today, we’re sharing a quick “Do This, Not That” when it comes to those precious hours you spend working on and in your business.

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  1. Working Around the Clock ≠ Serving Your Clients Better. Working around the clock often means we’re letting other areas of our lives slip away — our family, our friends, our health, our wellness. When these areas of our lives fall to the wayside, our work suffers. But when we’re able to spend quality time with our family, when we’re able to chat over coffee with our friends, when we’re able to attend hot yoga classes, we’re able to recharge and be rejuvenated. When we balance work and life, we can bring our best selves to our businesses. We can serve our clients better than ever, because we’re living and loving wholeheartedly both inside and outside of our businesses.
  2. Booking More Clients ≠ Having a Successful Business. When you’re working around the clock, booking more clients can feel like just another to-do on your to-do list. It’s not, friends. Booking a client means someone has trusted in you, your gifts, your talents, and your business. We believe it is such a huge honor. Booking more clients doesn’t mean your business is successful. In fact, balancing too many clients can actually harm your business success. You may lose out on the personalized attention you hope to provide to your clients. How many clients is too many for your business? Don’t be afraid to honor that, in order to serve your clients well.
  3. Posting On Social Media ≠ Connecting With Your Audience. This is a big one! Sometimes, it feels like, if we’re not posting on social media, we’re falling behind. If we’re not present on social media, we’re “nowhere.” But, posting too much on social media doesn’t always mean you’re connecting with your audience. We believe in quality and purpose over quantity. Don’t be afraid to assess or reassess your social media strategy to ensure you’re serving your audience well — and connecting in a meaningful way.


As you can see, doing better in business doesn’t always mean doing more. How can you embrace productivity and purpose in your business journey?

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