Since 2014, With Grace and Gold® has provided award-winning brand and web design for more than 300 creative women in business.

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Through purposeful brand and web design, our mission is to help creative women in business to consistently book their Ideal Client, grow their business, and experience successful small business ownership.


We're award-winning designers, educators, and encouragers. Since 2014, we have provided purposeful branding, web design, and education for more than 300 creative in women in business — just like you!

Here, you'll find an expertly-curated collection of resources and education for small business success!


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3 Tips for Generating Passive Income for Your Business

July 19, 2017

Passive income is income you can earn while you sleep. From digital products to eCourses, passive income can make a major difference in your bottom line. It’s an option for businesses of all kinds! Today, we’re sharing 3 tips for generating passive income for your business. We are so hopeful these tips will guide you as you explore adding passive income opportunities to your business or blog!

3 Tips for Generating Passive Income for Your Business

3 Tips for Generating Passive Income for Your Business

  1. Recommend products you genuinely recommend. First and foremost, we recommend only recommending products you genuinely know, love, and recommend. This will allow you to speak more openly and honestly about the products you are showcasing. It’s so important to build trust between you and your readers or followers. As a result, we recommend sharing only the products you genuinely love and believe your followers will benefit from.
  2. Share affiliate links when possible. There are many opportunities for affiliate links to be shared. Whether you are part of Amazon’s program or — or you have access to an affiliate link for a certain product or service — there are often opportunities to share affiliate links and earn a commission!
  3. Become a member of an Affiliate Program. Perhaps participation in an Affiliate Program is right for you! At With Grace and Gold, we offer a uniquely high commission of 30% for all of our designs! Participation in a program like this could make a big difference in your bottom line!


We are so hopeful these tips will guide you and help you to serve others well!


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