5 Tools for Growing Your Business While You Work Full-Time Tools for Effectively Growing Your Business While You Work Full-Time

If you’re working full-time in addition to pursuing your small business dream, you may be overwhelmed just thinking about how to maintain your business while you’re working full-time. Growing your business is a strategic process — a process that requires planning, but, once implemented, can serve your business in both measurable and immeasurable ways. Today, we’re excited to share 5 tools we know and love — tools for growing your business while you work full-time.

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5 Tools for Growing Your Business While You Work Full-Time

  1. Boomerang: Boomerang is a Gmail app that allows you to schedule e-mails to be sent on a specific day or at a specfiic time. We love Boomerang, because it allows us to ensure emails our delivered within our designated business hours – even if we are working outside of our designated business hours. Boomerang is an awesome tool for those who are working full-time, because, when you are working on your business in the evenings, you can schedule your e-mails to be sent at 8:00 AM the next morning – during normal business hours. That way, your clients won’t expect you to respond all hours of the day; they’ll expect your e-mails to come through during traditional business hours! This is a great tool for establishing your business communications and ensuring you are strategic in your e-mail communication.
  2. Google Calendar: Google Calendar is an amazing resource for staying organized in your business. Whether you use block scheduling, or you need a single place to organize all of your upcoming meetings or special events, Google Calendar is the best! You can color code your events to categorize them, too! Staying organized is the key to growing your business while you work full-time.
  3. 17Hats: 17Hats is a tool for contracts, deposits, and even workflows. 17Hats sends automated reminders – which is so beneficial for business owners who are also working full-time. 17Hats is a place for you to keep all of your client information in order, and ensure that everyone is accounted for and up-to-date!
  4. Planoly: Planoly is a tool for scheduling Instagram posts. It’s a visual Instagram planner, so you can plan out your content easily and seamlessly before the work week begins. In one evening, for example, you could set up all of your Instagram posts for the week ahead. Then, before work, during lunch, and after work, you could post accordingly! No more struggling with what to post and when to post; with Planoly, it will all be planned out for you!
  5. Buffer: Buffer is a tool for scheduling social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Like Planoly, it’s an awesome resource for ensuring all of your “bases” are covered all week long!
  6. Bonus – A Professional Web Design: Finally, another key tool for growing your business while you work full-time is a professional and polished web design. Your web design works for you and speaks for you and your business. So, what is your current web design saying? Is it welcoming your Ideal Client? Is it showcasing your work in the best possible way? We can say confidently, having a professional web design can help your business to reach new heights!


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