3 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Our Template Collection Behind-the-Scenes Facts That May Surprise You

And… we’re back! From Thursday – Monday, Andra and I were in Scottsdale, Arizona for a Business Retreat – and to celebrate the launch of our all-new Template Collection! Our Template Collection is a collection of easy-to-customize, limited-edition designs for Showit! But, how did the Template Collection come to be? Today, we’re excited to share 3 behind-the-scenes facts about our Template Collection! You might be surprised!

Facts About Our Template Collection

3 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Our Template Collection

  1. Our Template Collection was born from a desire to serve more women in business. At With Grace and Gold, our heart is for serving creative women in business through branding and design. Over the years, we had been asked about Templates – when Custom Design was too large a cost or commitment. When we reached a place in our business where we felt confident in our ability to serve our Custom Design Clients well (We had reworked our Client Experience, our process, and simply spent time working in our business!) we decided to pursue a Template Collection. Preparation began in October of 2016! We worked on our Template Collection in the evenings and on the weekends, so our Custom Design Clients would always be our priority.
  2. Each Template has its own personality…. seriously. Our Template Collection was very loosely inspired by our friends Tarah of Tarah Elise Photography, Kat of Kat Schmoyer, Hope of Hope Taylor Photography, Lauren of Lauren Heim Studio – and by Andra and myself. Each of us has a unique personality and style, and we kept each personality in mind. Bellevue is me (Kelly), Preston Hollow is Hope, Hampton Park is Kat, Ballard is Andra, Amelia Island is Lauren, and Mountainview is Tarah. With each Template loosely inspired by our friends — and ourselves — we were able to better ensure each Template would have a unique style and aesthetic, and therefore, meet the unique needs of our diverse Clients! Kind of cool, huh?
  3. We chose to use Showit, because we believe in the heart and message of Showit. As a creative professional, you may have heard about Showit. Maybe you were intimidated by switching to a new platform. Maybe you were confused about how using Showit could actually benefit your business — especially when compared to tried-and-true platforms! We chose Showit, because…
    1. They are a Team of creative professionals, who are passionate about the work they do. They wholeheartedly want to see business owners succeed and have a professional online presence.
    2. Showit’s features are out-of-this-world beneficial: from their ‘chat’ feature to their built-in SEO, every feature Showit offers can help you to succeed.
    3. It really is easy as can be. While your design is based on Showit, your blogging takes place via WordPress. So, you’ll have a drag-and-drop design, while continuing to curate your amazing content via WordPress. So awesome!

There you have it! Three behind-the-scenes facts about our Template Collection! Were there any you were surprised by? We’d love to know! Share in the comments below!

In the meanwhile, we hope you’ll take advantage of our limited-time-only Launch Week promotion! Head on over to the Shop to learn more!

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