The Importance of Community Making Friends in a Competitive Industry

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In an industry and community that is saturated with others doing exactly what you do, it’s easy to become discouraged. For many of us, we work from home all day (in our yoga pants if you’re like me!), and the most talking we do is to our dog or husband. It can become lonely, and seemingly impossible to make friends, or find a community where you feel like you ‘fit in’. But the truth is, it is possible, and we must say, oh-so-important!

Our community of friends has played a huge role in our Business success. When we need prayer, they are the people we turn to. When we have reason to celebrate, they are our #1 cheerleaders. We always say that our Business is rooted in faith and friendship, and so we are so grateful to have found a community of supportive and loving friends (ahem, sisters!).

So how do you find your community? Your ‘people?’

  1. Don’t Be Shy – Simply, reach out! Some of our greatest friends in the industry came from a simple and genuine ‘hello.’ While people are busy, and can’t always realistically spend time getting to know everyone that reaches out, it’s amazing how far a genuine hello and interest in someone else can go! Remember, we are all human, and all need a real and authentic community of friends.
  2. Look Locally – It’s amazing how big the internet is…right? With Instagram and Facebook, we can really connect with anyone, which often becomes overwhelming! Did you take the time to look locally first? Reach out friends that are all around you – as our friend Kat says, ‘Think small but mighty!’
  3. Have a Genuine Motive – Nothing is more discouraging than thinking you are connecting with a fellow creative as friends, to find out that they just want to ‘pick your brain.’ Connecting genuinely with no other motive, is a great way to build community. We can talk business with many people, but finding people that want community and friendship is so important!

So tell us – what are you going to do this week to help build your community of friends?

PS- If you need a place to start, we would love to have you join our online community of women, just like you!

Before you go, check out a little video of our working retreat trip to Savannah with Dear Sweetheart Events, Tarah Elise Photography, and Hope Taylor Photography! We are no videographers (that’s for sure!), but we will cherish these moments and memories for a long time! This is our community!

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