How to Maximize Your Contact Page

We are big preachers on working with your Ideal Clients, but sometimes, it can be difficult to work through the fine details, to make sure that an inquiry is coming from your Ideal Client!

While the best way to discover if an inquiry is your Ideal Client is to chat with them (or send them a questionnaire), sometimes, you can discover it from Step 1: Your Contact Form!


When working with a recent Wedding Planner, she was having a difficult time finding with her Ideal Client.  In fact, in the beginning, it seemed as though they were her Ideal Client, but through working with them, she was discovering that they wanted different things than she originally thought! They wanted to gain something that she didn’t want to offer, but she didn’t know that from the beginning.

We thought: What better way to set that expectation, than by asking them right away! ‘What do you hope to gain from our time working together?’

By asking that question, you can allow yourself to set the expectations with your Clients from the get-go.  You have the opportunity to clear any confusion, and make sure your inquiry is an Ideal Client. This can apply to many other questions as well! Think about your Ideal situation when working with Clients. Then, ask them on your Contact page, through creative and leading questions, if you are a good fit!

One other quick tip: Make sure not to forget YOUR contact information! Many businesses use their contact page as a space for potential Clients to fill out a form (which is important!), but often forget that they need to include a quick and easy way to reach them directly! Make sure to include phone number, email, social media, etc!

Are you maximizing your Contact Page? Let us know ways you can improve below!

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