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Getting to Know

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Being business owners can keep us pretty busy — so busy, that we sometimes forget to check in and say, “Hi! We’re Andra and Kelly! It’s so nice to meet you, we’re so glad you’re following along, and we can’t wait to call you our future Client someday soon!”

Today, we’re inviting you to get to know us through a variety of features we’ve had the honor of participating in throughout the year!  We love the opportunity to share our hearts with new audiences and readers — so we hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about our Team through a couple of our favorite features:

The Well-Designed Life Series
Day Designer

Well-Dressed Creative
Lauren Kelp

To read more, or to see where else we’d been featured, please be sure to visit our Featured In page!

Finally, we’d like to challenge you to share who you are with your readers and viewers.  So often, readers and viewers are seeking a connection with you and all that you have to offer. Are you giving your readers an opportunity to get to know you?

Thanks so much for following along! Don’t forget to say “Hello!” below!

With Grace and Gold,


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