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Since 2014, we have wholeheartedly served hundreds of creative women — equipping businesswomen from all over the world with an online presence to showcase their unique personality, to thoughtfully display their beautiful work, and to connect with their Ideal Client in a meaningful and lasting way.

Why? We want to see you spend your Fridays with family and friends, your Saturday mornings enjoying the farmers’ market, and your Sunday afternoons well-rested. We want you to have a meaningful, lasting brand, web design, and approach to small business ownership. We want you to experience freedom, joy, and balance as you pursue your dream — and to let your professional, polished brand and web design work for you and your business.

Collectively, we have spent 12+ years serving creative women in business through branding, web design, and education. In addition, we have been honored to travel the country and to speak to diverse audiences about branding, web design, and small business ownership.

At With Grace and Gold, we wholeheartedly believe every woman can be successful by embracing and celebrating who she is. We can't wait to meet you and call you a new friend!


Hear from our Clients about how working with With Grace and Gold has changed their business — and even their lives — in powerful ways.


After working with With Grace and Gold, I have a brand that exceeds my expectations, a website that I can call home (and that I cannot stop looking at) and lastly, a renewed confidence for where my business is headed! 

With Grace and Gold gave my business life! From the very beginning, they knew just how to create a brand that is true to me and my work. They blew me out of the water with their impeccable taste in design, their speedy workflow, and their amazing attention to detail. I am have renewed confidence in my brand and I'm excited to share it with the world! 

— Adriana Gonzalez, Simply Adri Photography

"With Grace and Gold gave my business life!"

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Before I met you both, I felt like I was spinning around in a sea of uncertainty in my business. Throughout our time together, you encouraged me and spoke life into me. You leaned in, delved into my life and my heart, and saw me through God's "looking glass." Your friendship, your love, your encouragement, your vision, and all your hard work made such a powerful impact on my life and on my business, and I'm so grateful for you, Kelly and Andra!

— Adrienne Rolon, Heart's Content Events

"You saw me through God's looking glass."

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I can't say enough good things about working with the gals from With Grace and Gold! Their whole process is extremely well-planned and executed beautifully — at every stage I felt confident in the progress being made. This is the best investment I have ever made for my business. My new website and business identity are simply stunning — everything I wanted but couldn't visualize or create on my own. And to top it all off, Kelly & Andra are just a complete pleasure to work with!

— Melissa Miller, Sweet Melissa Desserts

"At every stage, I felt confident in the progress!"

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After working with With Grace and Gold, I feel like my online presence perfectly reflects my personality and the heart behind my business. I have a clear vision of what my business stands for and the clients that I want to attract. Finally, my website feels like home!

— Lainey Reed, Lainey Reed Photography

"Finally, my website feels like home!"

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Before working with With Grace and Gold, I saw my business as just a dream. I knew what I wanted to do, what I could do, and that I was more than capable of doing all of these things; but I wasn't confident in my presentation. After working with With Grace and Gold, I feel much more confident in my business, my presentation of my services, and the heart behind it all. Kelly and Andra are an absolute DREAM TEAM. They are so kind, professional, and (true to their name) full of grace. I will recommend With Grace and Gold to all of my creative, small business besties! 

— Emily Yost, Emily in Love

"Before, I saw my business as just a dream."

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After working with Andra and Kelly, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders. I can finally say I have a beautiful website that I am proud to share with everyone. My brand is cohesive and lovely, and it just feels like me. After our business consulting meetings, I received some really helpful tools and resources and some great advice. I still have a long way to go to getting organized, but now have a great client management tool, an Instagram planner, and am working toward getting a blog schedule put together. I am finally EXCITED about business. It's not just about taking beautiful images, it's about creating an experience that clients can love and rave about from beginning to end.

— Carly Milbrath, Carly Milbrath Photography

"I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders."

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Kelly and Andra, you didn't just give me a new, shiny brand; you gave me an experience, newfound confidence, and genuine friendship. You know how to serve your clients, give them the love and encouragement they need, and ultimately change them for the better! I'm so thankful for my experience with you, because my business has significantly grown since the launch of my rebrand, and you've made my life so much better just by being in it!

— Tarah Schoof, Tara Elise Photography

"My business has significantly grown!"

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Before working with you, my brand was all over the place, inconsistent, and lacked cohesion. Now, my brand has a crystal clear aesthetic, looks much more refined, and shows our audience who we are without us having to scream it from the rooftops. I'm forever thankful for you two.

— Lauren Kelp, Lauren Kelp

"I'm forever thankful for you two."

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You two have such a gift - not only for design and branding - but for generously spreading kindness. I can't thank you enough for the business consulting work we got to do together, and for being so wonderful! I will always be a huge fan and blog reader, and I look forward to our next opportunity to work together!

— Laurelyn Taglienti, Laurelyn Savannah Photography

"You two have such a gift for generously spreading kindness."

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Since working with With Grace and Gold I have the confidence I need in my brand and have booked my biggest package to date! With Grace and Gold not only gave me an incredible site to work with, but the skills I needed to market my business properly. I now see my business over reaching my goals for next year! 

— Megan Bennett, Megan Bennett Photography

"I booked my biggest package to date!"

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I am so very happy to wholeheartedly recommend With Grace and Gold. Kelly and Andra were a dream duo, staying focused and deadline driven. They made me feel as if I was their only client! My deliverables are absolutely beautiful - Kelly and Andra helped to rebrand The Ideal Day to make it feel more like ME and I'm thrilled with the results. Now let the inquiries come pouring in!

— Laura Patterson, The Ideal Day

"They made me feel as if I was their only Client!"

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Working with Kelly and Andra has been amazing. Their focus and dedication to making my website and brand perfect was exceptional. They were patient when I needed more time, revisions and inspiration, yet at the same time they gave their input, expertise and direction. They are true professionals and I will gladly recommend With Grace and Gold to anyone.

— Valerie Thomas, Valerie Maria Photography

"They are true professionals."

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With Grace and Gold was such a pleasure to work with. They took the idea we had for our branding and turned it into something that far exceeded our expectations. They are creative, a joy to work with, and we are so happy with our design. Since our website launch our business has almost doubled and we are thrilled. 

— Tina Rivera, Tina Elizabeth Photography

"Since our launch, our business has almost doubled!"

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Kelly and Andra couldn't be any sweeter! They put together a custom package for us and were so willing to work with us in the the way our business needed. They saw exactly what our needs were, were able to articulate just what we needed, and we couldn't be happier with the final design. We were a little unsure about working with another designer - as we are in the design world ourselves - but we are couldn't be happier with our experience. It was the right decision for us and I'm excited to see where our business goes now thanks to With Grace & Gold! I also feel like Kelly & Andra are there for us if we ever have any questions. They are just so knowledgeable and have such a heart for serving others! 

— JT and Kelsey Grauke, Bloom Blog Shop

"They have such a heart for serving others!"

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Kelly & Andra were honestly such a joy to work with. This was our first major investment in our business. Naturally, we were a bit nervous about how the look and feel of our brand would come together but Kelly & Andra exceeded our expectations at every stage of the design process. Kelly & Andra are exceptionally talented, highly professional, and genuinely kind. They eased our anxiety about the process and transformed our brand into something we could not be more proud of. We look forward to working with Kelly & Andra again in the future! 

— Kleneice and Kendra, Humble and Whole

"Exceptionally talented, highly professional, genuinely kind."

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My business needed a complete makeover to reflect its true identity, and With Grace & Gold produced exactly what I'd been dreaming of for years. It's an incredible feeling to be 100% proud of my branding. Every time I visit my website, it feels like I'm coming home. This experience has allowed me to focus on and reach career goals I've been fearful of diving into. I am finally booking my ideal client at my ideal price point. My only regret is not taking this leap of faith sooner!

— Leslie Herring, Leslie Herring Events

"I am finally booking my Ideal Client at my ideal price point!"

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I could not be happier with the work of Andra and Kelly. Their commitment to their craft is unparalleled. I felt like this was such a personal experience and they understood exactly what I wanted every step of the way. They presented me with options, thoroughly explained every detail,  and left me feeling confident and excited about this next chapter of my business! 

— Chrissy McDonald, Harlowe James

"This was such a personal experience."

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The entire branding and web design process was seamless. They run their business like a well oiled machine – in the best of ways. They’re in sync with each other, with their clients' needs, and with the market. They understood what I needed even if I couldn’t articulate it all that well – and that, to me, is key! They handle themselves and their business with grace, humility and an air of professionalism that’s rare and beautiful. I’m indebted to them for all they have done in my life – both professionally and personally.

— Kat Schmoyer, Kat Schmoyer, Dear Sweetheart Events, and Creative at Heart

"The entire process was seamless."

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